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Testimonials Testimonials
After hearing from a friend in the UK who had been suffering badly from "hot flashes" she told me about a small magnet she was wearing which everyone was talking about in England, I immediately said that I had to have anything that could bring me relief. I did order one, and after wearing this 24/7 for the last two months my "hot flashes" are greatly diminished ... certainly not disappeared, but less frequent and not so intense. I would recommend this to any woman, it helps with irritability, and allows me to have a decent nights sleep so therefore has given me more energy.
Adele, Manchester Township, NJ
Thank you for this product – I had tried several alternative remedies for the menopause and this is the only product that has helped – more than that relieved the hot flashes to a bearable level. I am sure it will be a success on the market. I have recommended it to friends and the nurse at my GP surgery, who was very interested in it for her other patients.
J Thomas
My quality of life and mood has greatly improved. I feel like my old self again.
C Tait
I feel more energetic, probably because I have slept better during the nights even in the hot weather. I do not want to resort to HRT so this LadyCare has been just what I need.
J George
I have generally felt much brighter. My main benefit was vaginal dryness, which has improved tremendously. I am quite amazed at the overall improvement it has made to me.
J Douglas
I no longer take any medicine for menopausal symptoms, only LadyCare. I was paying up to £30 every 6 weeks for tablets.
S Ashdown
My inability to concentrate has decreased dramatically. The hot flashes have been non-existent. My energy levels have been boosted tremendously. My memory has improved greatly – many thanks.
I Walton

I have found the Ladycare has helped significantly and would not be without it
Felt a sense of well-being at all times. An excellent product without resorting to pills. A good self help product.
Excellent product! Felt the difference after 2 days.... very little breast tenderness at all whatever time of the month. Can't praise the product enough!
I'm amazed! I don't know how it works but it has and the improvement has been dramatic - I am no longer considering HRT!
Very pleased with the Ladycare - have felt a big improvement in my general well-being, the reduction in hot flashes was especially great as this was really starting to disrupt my life.
I was very concerned as I had started having palpitations, they were frequent and quite scary - they have all but stopped - I no longer need to see my unsympathetic doctor. I would prefer no to use HRT and feel with Ladycare this may be possible.
The Ladycare has been a godsend - it has revived my energy levels and my hair is much better. In fact, I never leave home without it!
I felt more energetic and just more positive, no more feelings of doom and gloom. Not so tired, weepy, depressed. I'm just so positive now. No more hot sweats – even in this heatwave. I think it's marvellous. I run a language school as you can imagine this is a busy time for me. However, I still have so much energy, which in August is unusual – my sex life is also amazing!!!
J Verrall

I would definitely recommend LadyCare to ladies as this is by far the best product I have tried and I can assure you I've tried almost everything on the market, which has cost me a fortune!
I mainly wanted to try LadyCare because I was having lots of hot flashes night and day. Since trying the LadyCare, they, within a week or two, decreased and I now have maybe one a day. I used to have about 20 per day. This has completely turned my life around and I feel so much better for it. I have told every friend who suffers as I did, that Ladycare is my new best friend!
Since the first month of wearing LadyCare I have had a wonderful feeling of well being. Whatever the reason for this I am delighted with my new found confidence and I shall continue to wear it until I have come through the menopause completely.
Within a few days of wearing I noticed a reduction in general bloating and water retention, eliminating for food cravings and improvement in skin tone, especially dry hands. I generally had a better feeling of wellness.
I'm younger looking, my skin tone has improved and I look less drawn - even though I've lost 8lbs. I am also more in control of emotions, more confident and relaxed. I would hate to be without Ladycare at this time of Life.
I have definitely felt a positive difference. Most significantly is in sleeping easily. This in turn has made me feel less tired. More than one person has commented on how good my skin is looking.